RUX Warmly Welcome IGS to Visit RUX For Factory Audit

publisher: Nico Zeng
Time: 2018-04-16

Today, RUX got the inspection from third part IGS, under the authorization of our customer in Europe.

IGS has checked details of our factory from following points: 

1. Factory Area

2. Number of staffs in RUX

3. Production equipment types and quantities in RUX;

4. Test equipments in RUX for quality control

5. RUX's quality control system;

6. RUX's certification. 

7. RUX's R&D deparment status,

RUX's  R&D direction mainly focus on: 

Ø FTTA Cables used in 4G/5G
Ø Invisiable Cable used in FTTx

Ø 5.0mm Round  Drop Cable
Ø Flat type Fiber & Eletric  Hybird Cable
Ø Cable used in big data center

All RUX people will keep innovative, aggressive and try our best to improve the quality of the products and to perfect the service system!

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